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How do I start testing Atom Finance's APIs?

Get a trial API key to use in Atom's API documentation.

To start testing Atom's APIs, first sign up for the Atom portal. Once you create an account in the Atom Portal, a trial API key will automatically be generated for you to use in the API docs. You can locate your trial API key in the Authentication tab on the left sidebar of the portal.

Your trial API Key will be active for 30 days from your sign up date, and will give you access to all API endpoints with the exception of endpoints under the "/news" URL path. If you'd like to test our news endpoints, please contact your Atom representative.

Your trial API key will give you access to the following assets:

assetType Trial Key Assets
Crypto BTC, DOGE


Paste your trial API Key into the Authentication box on the top right corner of the API docs in order to start testing.


When you create an account on the Atom portal, you'll receive an email from a member of our Sales team to discuss your specific needs. This will be your point of contact throughout the trial period, and will turn your trial API Key into a production API Key should you choose to purchase Atom Finance.

For more information, check out how to navigate the client portal.